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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  October 9, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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on his side of e bed. police say he threatened her with a gun and tried to rip out her contact lens . he then forced her top an bottom eyelids open in an attempt oh rip her contacts out . >> reporter: police say he and his uncle then drove the allege victim to her home but when girlfriend got out of the trucka truckalveo allegedly called her back saying he had her cell phone then shot her . the defendant pulled the phone back that the vehicle and held his hand out the window revealing the same long barreled black gun as earlier. she spun to her left in retreat. neighbors say they heard the victim's cries for help. he is somebody was saying . she was like i just got shot. . suspect's uncle was charged with being an accessory after the defendant was shot he drove the victim away from the crime scene. he did not stop to help pregnant
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victim or stop to call the police. instead, he aided the defendant in getting away and getting back to his house. dominic galveo is being held without bail. in another rather strange twist he told the judge that he plans to represent himself. his uncle is being held on $100 $100,000 cash bail and police weapon. brockton. i'm byron barnett, 7 news. also on 7, a man from dorchester facing a judge in connection to a hit and run that left an 18-year-old dead. gregory mccoy is facing manslaughter and several other charges in this case. prosecutors say he was driving drunk when he hit a car in may pushing both cars through an intersection. the teen-ager who is on his bike waiting to cross the street at the time was hit and died at the scene. south carolina is now bracing for another round of flooding coastal communities in the state will get you ready for a second round ever storms. more than 11 trillion gallons of water have already pounded that state and so far 14 damns have
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south carolina's governor is asking for some residents to voluntarily evacuate. they are going door to door door. there are areas of judge town county. there are areas of those other down in the area where the water is coming. they come to your door, it is time for you to leave. we don't need to you think about it. we need you to be prepared. we need you to go. for some areas of the state the historic rainfall qualifies . following more news today. a cement wall comes cashing down on a teen-ager in south florida. the stroll on the sidewalk took a dangerous turn leading to a sudden collapse. the victim's brother says things could have been much worse if he did not hear that wall begin to crack. omar lewis has more. as questions still remain about how a wall can come crashing down, a chain link fence is now going up. this north miami city block used to be lined with the six split
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. >> reporter: thursday a 15 15-year-old boy walking home from school along sidewalk became a victim as the wall legos. i heard boom! norris ellis ran from across the veto see this. a collapsed and crumbled wall stretching nearly a block on northeast 18th avenue. we have to run and try to remove him they called 911 and . saw him? scared. he was shaking. a chug of the wall also went flying fierce piercing a car nearby. the lot and wall are owned by the city but leased to a company called group one automotive. what exactly happened. we're not sure what happened so we have to do an investigation to understand what occurred. the by's brother says the 15-year-old heard the wall creek before it came tumbling down and he tried to get out of the way. now that boy will have to undergo four surgeries to repair his legs. he hadn't heard it.
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it should be a whole different situation . on friday kids and parents were seen walking along the road to a void the rubble. neighbors say this is a busy sidewalk, especially for young children offing to and from a nearby school. the time he was passing by he was not like school wasn't out yet . they are calling it a situation that could have ended even worse. when you look at this it's a miracle . crews right now are out here trying to put up a fence that will span this entire block block. we did speak to the automotive group who is leasing this property of they tell us they are now vetting this and their thoughts are with that 15 15-year-old boy. reporting in north mime i, omar lewis, 7 news. bill does me is about to testify under oath to give a deposition in a sexual harassment lawsuit. the alleged assault took place in the "playboy" mansion when he was just 15. she is one of the many who accused cosby of racing them. cosby has yet to be charged
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criminally. a judge wants him interviewed under oath. for the first time 30 women speak out together. you can watch it tonight at 9:00 here on 7 nbc. a new york man trapped and in trouble after a car crashes in his home. police say the vehicle plowed into the house inupstate new york last night while the driver was trying to escape police. the homeowner was stuck for two hours before he was rescued and taken to the hospital. police say two of the three people in the car were arrested. arrested.. looking as the news off the satellites an electric bicycle rider narrowly escaping from a truck rollover accident in east china. video shows a speeding truck run a red light as that bicycle just crosses the road. the truck flipped over, trying to avoid hitting the bike spilling dirt and gravel all over the place. thankfully no one was hurt. a political standoff in kosovo leads to a lawmakers setting off a smoke bomb in parliament. the man who did it was protesting an eu brokered deal that would regulate the tension between serbia and kosovo. kosovo broke away from serbia in 2008.
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at least nine inmates in the philippines have died after a prison fire. that fire started yesterday in a maximum security area that held more than 1,000 inmates. a folkman for the prison says faulty wiring is a possible explanation for this fire. >> anchor: dozens of undocument undocumented immigrants packed into a tractor trailer in texas. police body cameras capturing families pouring out, being rescued one by one. investigators say they spent without water. now the driver could face charge charges. this morning newly released video from police body cameras capturing the first dramatic moments from 39 undocumented immigrants gasp for air. after being cramped for hours in the back of a sweltering 18 wheeler. police say they were in desperate shape, some too weak to stand. it's just a surprise to see that many people inside a hot trailer. they are all sweaty and they are dehydrated and they just want out. a concerned citizen spotted them
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being loaded in the back of the truck at a rest stop near san antonio and called police . i saw probably about ten people getting into a unit in a truck here "immigrants included 28 men, 7 women and four minors from guatemala, el salvador and mexico. one 13-year-old boy very grateful. as soon as he jumped out of the truck the trailer, you know, he said thank you so much. thank you for saving us. he gave us a hug. 33-year-old drew christopher pot potter arrested on the scene denied he did anything wrong. he has been charged with smuggling conspiracy and illegally transporting un undocumented immigrants. in what agents say is a common human smuggling method that could be dangerous. the officer said the trailer was a refrigerated unit that was not working the right way. the temperatures inside were well above 100 degrees. still ahead here on 7 news at 5:30, a field of dreams, a middle cooler reunited with his dad. how the service member pulled
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off the ultimate surprise . and a creative jingle with an important message. a local hospital with the remix on a taylor swift hit . >> anchor: sitting down with the former first lady of massachusetts. 7's christa delcamp goes one on one with anne romney . a murder for hire investigation hits home in everett. f.b.i. agents raiding a home
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military families all over the world . >> anchor: a memorable moment on football field. a middle cooler back in his did did's arm after spending months apart. the amazing surprise unfolding . the emotional reunion the worthington cardinals warmed up just as they always do. among them, number 70 chase beck becker. a linebacker and 7th grader. a young man that spent the summer taking care of all of the women in his life . he was the man of the house
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even all our an mass are females. star sergeant was posted in can tar but is back now in ohio . i missed all three birthdays and the an veriary . >> reporter: he guessed he would be back in columbus two weeks ago. i talked to my wife and she contacted the school and we kind of had an idea we wanted to surprise them. >> reporter: working with his son's athletic director the family came up with a plan. have dad greet chase on the field just before the game starts. i am hoping he doesn't get . >> reporter: when the moment came, chase joined three teammates for the customary free became handshake and coin toss. mike becker of the ohio international guard who just returned home from deployment after four months in qatar. he is surprising his son number
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sergeant er has began with the united states marine corp reserves . >> reporter: he said he wanted one thing from his team . i want the cards to win for my dad and military families all over the world. >> anchor: what a sweetheart. chase's team did just that taking home a big win. >> anchor: coming up net we are hitting kitchen for a sizzling steak with a unique twist. we have the recipe that is sure to make your next dinner party shy and pete take some notes here . i am trying here. our forecast for the weekend looking pretty good. a lot of sunshine? store. details are ahead . >> anchor: ahead at 6:00 a terrifying scene the a local auto auction. a driver loses control causing . disaster. what b's had to say about
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>> anchor: superheroes getting ohio. characters like spied eman and the hulk repelled down chirp's hop to clean windows and of course spread smiles. children line the windows to catch a glimpse of their favorite heros. how cool is that? ? >> anchor: is there ataylor swift in there? the staff of beth israel deck on esmedical center fighting the flu with a creative tune. this song a fewic video spread the message of flu prevention using shake it oh. it reminds people to do things like wash their hands and stay at home when they are sick. certainly a very creative way to get home the message . >> anchor: that song is so catchy. think of all sorts of thing you can put to the song. a great way to tell everyone to
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wash their hands. you sit there at the sink and wash my hands. >> anchor: are you going to sing for us? >> anchor: i was going to try then changed my mind last minute. >> reporter: come on, liz. no, stop. >> anchor: it's all you . >> reporter: i'm not zigging. nor will i have to sink any taylor swift song. beautiful weekend in store for us, a warming trend as well as we get into sunday and monday. it starts on monday and finish by tuesday so we're in the thick of it by columbus day. how about the thick of the rain right now. the back edge of it starting to come through western mass and pushing toward springfield right now and also into parts of southwestern new hampshire. but we still have a couple downpours to be found. steady light rain in boston right now but braintree to quincy and on down route 24 and then another batch of heavier rain from wayland on out through sudbury right now. focus on the south shore though. just right through avon and over to brockton. this is pretty good rain and then down through brink water and over to marshfield and kingston we have steadier rain then acton to concord a stripe
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and it extends to sudbury then there you are in worcester. this seems to be the last big burst of rain to come through and then we start to taper it off so if your plans are 9:00 on i think we're going to be okay at this point. 64 in boston. 62 in worcester, 64 right now in bedford. a chung of cool air breaking off what is becoming now kind of a source region for cold new across ontario and hudson bay. we'll have to mind this carefully late next week. some of this may release and come down into new england too. but it's worth noting that it is cold across parts of northern ontario and when ex. our front back across western new york and slicing through new england here in the next couple hours the wind may surge out of the northwest but it will clear out eeverything. the rain, the humidity, what there is of it and showers late tonight. so the set up for tomorrow is beautiful. a superb day, 59 in boston, only because i do believe we'll see a sea breeze late in the afternoon afternoon.
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60 a good bet from about lawrence to framingham and then down through attleboro too. sunday's forecast is a little warmer. we turn up the dial just so. get you maybe to 70 in lowell. hudson, framingham, waltham too. boston chance has a chance to warm up. our winds out of the south southwest. don't forget though sunday morning it's going to be chilly. our temperatures will be in the 30's. we may wait to a frost but a huge turn around. that's a big jump in temperatures. saturday 59 to 69 at the topsfield fair last weekend forward and a good weekend way to go out on a good note here. the climb continues on monday to 74 then levels off on tuesday. normal high mind you is 64 degrees. so far this month we have been below normal by almost three degrees. chilly daytime highs have been our undoing. the morning aren't been all that chilly. we'll see that switch up over the next couple of days. the morning will be cold. evening showers downpours, clear clearing late, 46 to 52 and sue about person fancy, fall day tomorrow. sunny and cool.
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sky. there might be a couple in the morning but as the day goes on it gets bluer and bluer and bluer. apple picking, great. pumpkin picking that bit. did the new england thing. turn it up this weekend have a little pumpkin spice for me. this weekend is turns warm and then next week it turns cool. next weekend. see you at 6:00. >> anchor: we have to keep track of that one. year. you can use them when you are cooking. >> anchor: chess are serving sun flowers with a delicious cut of beef. we'll show you how to make sunflower steak in today's what's cooking. it may be time for fall foliage but according to scott jones it's not too late to put those sun flowers in your garden to good use. his pick to brighten up your different shall grilled beef with sunflower hazelnut and truffle salad . the nuttiness of the sunflower and hazelnuts and beef is the one of the most delicious things in truffles are delicious
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with all of that . >> reporter: to start, rub the beef with salt, pepper and olive oil . gives you a better seer on the outside of the beef. really hot grill. get the good marks on it . >> reporter: grill until the beef reaches your preferred temperature . you can see juices coming out of the top here and sides a good indication it's done . >> reporter: lethe beef rest for six to ten minutes . let's it finish cooking and pull back in all of the views that way . >> reporter: now it's time to let the sunflower shine . these are straight out of the farm or out of your garden . first, pull off all the sunflower petals and set aside. clean the flour head, removing all of the green leaves and stem use a peel tore remove any remaining green . green is going to be a little too tough, too fibrous. we're just cleaning up the sunflower to that part and we'll . and white wine. just on to the stove that which bring it up to a low simmer and let it cook for 20 minutes . once it's tender cut into
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bite size pieces and saute into olive oil . we'll get carmelization or sun flowers. little bit of salt . sprouted sunflower seeds . which makes them softer and sweeter . chopped hazelnuts and chopped truffle mixing it all together until it's hot . chef joan starts with a sunflower truffle mixture then tops it with chopped sunflower petals and greens . we finish it with the sliced beef and that's it. we look forward to hoping you . that's what's cooking. i am bri eggers, 7 news. >> anchor: next taking time off off. celeba gomez with a major announcement about her health . >> anchor: coming up at 6:00, was the hitman halled before carrying out a brutal killing? investigators making an arrest and raiding homes in everett and somerville . >> anchor: plus, a frightening scene in framingham. a driver crashing the a car auction leaving people several people there injured. a new campaign for a former massachusetts first lady. we sit down with anne romney who
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her heart.
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every single day, more than 8,000 men and women are working together to create a stronger, smarter, more resilient system, so the 3 1/2 million people we serve have the energy they need. we serve new england. and energy brings us together.
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>> anchor: 90 kids get ready for the ultimate tour. . >> anchor: the spice girl and backstreet boys may be joining forces for a classic reunion. in an interview with rolling stone back street boy aj mcclean talked about rumors about his old band teaming up for a tour with the famous girl group. he says they have been talking
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about the idea for more than a year. >> anchor: selena gomez undergoing treatment for lupus. the 23-year-old told billboard magazine she has the disease which causes the immune system to attack healthyish it u. gomez said she has been through chemotherapy. despite health problems she release a new album today called "revival" >> anchor: live from new york has become a famous saturday night saying but now live from burbank could become just as popular. but on friday and for nbc's comedy update will. just months after the series experimented with doing a live episode, it has decided to do its entire new season live. you can expect guest stars, bands, us messing up, chris and i fighting on live television, b bianca laughing to the point of crying and panicking because she is on live television . >> anchor: keep an eye out for a live sorely media presence like live tweeting and peri periscoping. there is a jam packed lineup on 7 nbc all starts at 78:00 with
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followed by an all new "dateline" at 9:00 and the night wraps up with 7 news at 11:00 . >> anchor: live shows are all fun. you never know what will happen . >> anchor: we should know . >> anchor: every day you never know . >> anchor: another half how of 7 news ahead . >> anchor: i'm ryan schulteis. 7 news at 6:00 starts right now . >> reporter: an arrest in a murder for hire case. have thors raiding two local homes. we'll have what prosecutors say was in the works. a frightening scene in framingham. a driver crashing at a car auction and leaving several people injured . >> reporter: classes canceled at this newton ement reschool after two workers overcome by carbon monoxide and we know the reason why . >> reporter: steady rain for some, downpours force others. it improves quickly later . >> reporter: a new campaign for a former first lady . we're in this to the. . >> reporter: we sit down with
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close to her heart. 7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> anchor: homes raided in everett and somerville and a man accused in a murder for hire. prosecutors say they arrested him before he could actually carry out that plot . >> anchor: that man appeared before a federal judge this afternoon. jonathan hall is live outside the court in worcester with the latest. jonathan? >> reporter: well, a pretty scary case. this guy says he wanted to be a killer for hire and he asked an undercover f.b.i. eight allegedly if he could get a couple of machine to do the job. he also said he had gotten a couple of guns. a 40 millimeter glock which is a handgun and a submachine gun. the f.b.i. says joseph burke of everett is a wannabe hit man who seemed very serious about making quick cash by killing people he didn't even know. agents raided his apartment on lexington street this morning and searched his home for commut commuters and other evidence. his neighbors are stunned . what do you think that kind of a scheme?
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